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COTTO was born out of a simple idea ... to create a fun and vibrant meeting place for locals to come together and enjoy great coffee and delicious food! 


Almost 15 years on ...our vision still remains the same! 


Cotto is the destination for every food-loving Adelaidian who wants to enjoy a culinary experience 



our journey

Established in 2006, Cotto commenced its operations in Woodville, South Australia with two best mates (cousins in fact) Francesco Cecere and Nicholas Cioffi. 


Cotto, meaning ‘cooked / baked’ in Italian, started its humble beginnings through the revitalisation of a former bakery on Woodville Road.  Within a matter of weeks, Cotto became a foodies destination, offering locals an authentic Italian espresso bar that served quality coffee, savouries & sweets - the classics.. you know, like nonna used to make!

Frank and Nick over the years, travelled throughout Australia, sourcing a boutique coffee roaster to create an exclusive signature blend of coffee. Today, our quality coffee continues to remain renowned across South Australia, as some of the best.

Over the years, the Cotto brand has evolved with further sites opening across Adelaide. However, in 2018, owner Francesco decided to take the COTTO brand in an exciting new direction and move away from the Italian espresso bar offering.

The Prospect store was refurbished into a contemporary new space, with a new look, new menu and an in-house chef that  prepares all of our meals daily on site.  We've also taken our coffee offering to the next level, offering an in house brew bar with specialty coffees & teas crafted on site, and available on tap. 


We would love for you to join us and experience the new COTTO.  It really is the place to be!